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About Us

DavidThe Stitching Cards design studio is located near the historic English market town of St. Albans, Hertfordshire.

The Stitching Cards proprietor and pattern designer is David John Jefferson. He created this website and does all the hands-on work required to run it.

David launched the Stitching Cards website in 2004 to provide stitching patterns delivered by download to your computer.

Prior to that David was designing stitching card patterns published in booklets under the Form-A-Lines name. This was started in 1998 by a craft shop that was part owned by David's wife Linda, called Card Inspirations. In 2007 Card Inspirations changed owners. In the process David and Linda acquired the sole rights to the Form-A-Lines name and left Card Inspirations to set up the Form-A-Lines business.

In 2008 David and Linda launched the PinBroidery website to provide square stitching patterns.

David has a background in print and graphic design and also runs the Animator mag website.

Stitching Cards, PO Box 795, St. Albans, AL2 2ZQ, UK.