Free Type-A-Greeting in stitching font 310

The font is embedded in a PDF file and opens in Adobe Reader in a similar way to the patterns.



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This is an alternative for those who do not wish to install the free Stitching Cards TrueType Font 310 on their computer. The font is embedded in a PDF file and opens in Adobe Reader in a similar way to the patterns.

Type your words in the text fields of the pricking pattern, print the page, then prick and stitch your greeting. Choose from six different font sizes. The text is automatically centered on the width.

Type-A-Greeting only works with the official Adobe Acrobat Reader. PDF readers supplied as standard with some operating systems do not have the required form-filling facility.

The pattern size is 152 mm x 104 mm (6 x 4.5 inches).

For more information see Type-A-Greeting – How it works.

Ease of use: 2

Guide to ease of use rating

The patterns are rated from 1 to 7 to guide beginners towards the best patterns to start with:

1 to 2: Easy – suitable for beginners.

3 to 4: Moderate – more of a challenge. Practice on one of our free patterns first.

5 to 6: Experienced – master the basics before going on to these.

7: Advanced – for those who enjoy a challenge.

Patterns with higher numbers will usually take longer to complete.

For comparison, our free butterfly pattern is rated as a 2.

Products by the ease of use

Ease of use 1

Ease of use 2

Ease of use 3

Ease of use 4

Ease of use 5

Ease of use 6

Ease of use 7

How Stitching Cards are made

There is a step-by-step guide to stitching the designs in our tutorials section.

Download Information

The Download Period

The product is a licence to print the pattern instructions for your personal use. The licence includes a 12-month download period and permission for the personal use of the pattern instructions for life. In order to continue to use the pattern instructions beyond the 12-month download period you need to either save a copy of the PDF file to your computer or print enough copies to keep you going. If you want to download the file after 12 months a new licence will be required.

If you are not sure how to save a pattern for future use see our download help section.

Download delivery

Your patterns can be accessed on the Internet from any computer, tablet, iPad, or iPhone during the 12-month download period. Just use your email address or username plus your password to log in to your account.

The pattern files

The patterns are supplied as PDF files. Anyone, anywhere can open a PDF file. All you need is PDF reader software. This is available free from the Adobe website for MS Windows. Go to the Apple app store for the iPad and Play Store for Android devices. Many web browsers can also open PDF files for viewing and printing.

Not sure if you have a PDF reader? Try one of our free pattern files first.

Tips for long-term use.

Back up a copy of the PDF pattern file to a separate hard drive, USB memory stick, or cloud storage.

Keep a printed copy of the pattern on file. If your digital copy fails you can resort to a photocopy of the printed pricking pattern.

Getting Patterns Printed

We don’t supply patterns by post but if you don’t have a printer you can ask someone else to print your order for you as long as the patterns are only used by you.

Maybe a family member or friend can help you print your patterns. Your order can be accessed on the Internet from any computer. Just use your email address or username plus your password to log in to your account. Or copy the PDF files to a USB memory stick for transporting. Some stationary supply shops will print copies from a memory stick.