What else do you do whilst stitching cards?

By | Tuesday 28 October 2008

needle-and-threadPeople sometimes ask if I do my own stitching when I design a card. The answer is that I do stitch them myself. I see it as part of the design process. It enables me to refine the design by having first hand knowledge of how it is working. This brings me to the subject of what else do you do whilst stitching a card.

I like to listen to Radio 4 if there is a good discussion or documentary program on. I sometimes stitch in front of the TV if the program is not too visually demanding. Crime dramas are easy to follow with the occasional glance at the screen as are studio based discussion programs. I find travelogues are not so good to watch whilst stitching as I am missing much of the beautiful scenery.

What else do you do whilst stitching cards? I had thought of making this a poll but the answers could be many and varied so please tell me in a comment to this post.

10 thoughts on “What else do you do whilst stitching cards?

  1. Sunshine Girl

    I go along to my husbands Bonsai meeting, he dosent like driving too much, and whilst they are all talking etc., I stitch. Bought one of those small bendy arm lights, so can see to thread my needle much easier with the use of that and I just stitch away.

    I also have the TV on quite often whilst stitching

    Keep up the good work,

  2. Linda

    I punch the cards during the day when the light is best. Then I can sit and stitch in the evenings while I watch T.V. with my husband. I have friends that keep work in progress handy to take to the doctors, etc. to do while waiting.

  3. Marlene S.


    I put in an Irish CD and listen to some soothing songs. It is just enough soothing background music so that I may relax and try to figure out where the stitches are supposed to go. Just kdding David–they are fairly easy to follow.


  4. sheila

    i stich in bed into the wee small hours of the morning when its too sore to sleep i have some patterns that are more demanding that others so when its bad i can make myself consentrate so i can push the pain into the background. you can train yourself to do that— i know i have!!

  5. Katharine

    I’m with you, David. I live by Radio 4, we don’t have a TV so it is radio almost all the time in this house!

  6. marcia shrestha

    i just love to look at yourt stitching & wonder if i will ever be able to do that good so i spend hours on the internet not much paper pricking is done in the usA AND i think its beautiful we do not have the beautiful stickers here in the usa just one sto9re and they have only a few and the same sujecy flowers the other store is in cananda

  7. Pam (nedlnut)

    I watch (listen) to TV or listen to books on tape. Sometimes I’ll listen to the radio or a good CD. I stitch in the car if we are traveling over an hour (with DH driving of course!).
    Pam (nedlnut)

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