Laminate your pricking pattern to extend its life

By | Monday 9 March 2009

Here is a quick tip sent to me by Barry Radburn. If you laminate your stitching card pricking pattern you can use it many times without having to re-print it. If you don’t have a laminating machine a good alternative is to put your pattern in a standard 150 mm x 100 mm (6 inch x 4 inch) photo sleeve. These are made from 2 mil clear polypropylene plastic.

4 thoughts on “Laminate your pricking pattern to extend its life

  1. Dee

    I use a manila file folder and cut it to 4 x 6 size. It’s stiff enough to be able to use it over and over

  2. Linda

    I laminate my patterns with my 5″ Xyron–it works beautifully and is just the right size for most of the patterns.

  3. Jasu

    I use plastic wallets and store all my stitching patterns in a 4 hole ring binder.

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