How to protect your embroidered cards in the post

By | Thursday 21 August 2008

When your card goes in the post it will pass automatic sorting machines that have a series of guide rollers. It may be turned around sharp bends and squashed in the franking machine. Not to mention the rough time it may have in the mail sack.

If your delicate stitch work or bead work has only the paper envelope to protect it there is a good possibility that it may suffer. You could put an extra sheet of card over the work surface but these days the UK post office makes an extra charge for thick envelopes.

There is a simple solution that does not involve any extra padding. The answer is to turn the card inside out before you put it in the envelope. That way your embroidery and any other ornamentation is safely out of harms way.

When you do this it is worth putting a small notice in with the card telling the recipient what you have done. Otherwise they may come to the conclusion that you have made the card inside out deliberately.

How do you protect your cards in the post? Let me know by adding a comment to this post.

6 thoughts on “How to protect your embroidered cards in the post

  1. Jasu

    I normally wrap the card in a bubble wrap or few sheets of tissue paper, and also where appropriate write on the envelope not to bend or handle with care!

  2. barbara

    Usually I use bubble wrap for anything even slightly ‘bumpy’ but recently I have used some very solid, plaster angels so I shall use this inside out method plus bubble wrap. Thankyou for the idea. I have had shop cards arrive battered, and have had to stick bits back on, so I am thinking of sending an angel to myself first, to see what happens!

  3. Katharine

    Marilyn, I don’t think the request to hand stamp only will work in the UK. We used to produce First Day Covers for stamp collectors and had to go to great trouble to get the hand stamping on those. Even then some stamping was rejected by the collectors. I can’t imagine it being possible for single cards.

    When sending my cards I use bubble wrap and also put them in a cellophane bag – this stops the edges of the envelope catching on the stitching as you put it in.

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