A Glasgow rose motif leads to six Art Nouveau stitching card patterns

By | Wednesday 27 August 2008

My latest set of designs for the Stitching Cards web site feature an Art Nouveau style rose. The rose design was influenced by a popular motive of the Glasgow Style known as the ‘Glasgow Rose’.

This cabbage like rose is said to have been adapted from drawings by Aubrey Beardsley by Charles Rennie Mackintosh in the late 1880’s and 90’s. He was a Scottish architect and designer who was an exponent of Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts movement

The Mackintosh style is characterised by a contrast between strong right angles and floral-inspired decorative motifs with subtle curves such as the rose motif, along with some references to traditional Scottish architecture.

The Glasgow Rose later appeared in the work of English designers of stained glass and furniture.

I originally set out to do one rose stitching pattern but when that design was complete I decided to play with the concept to see what variations I could come up with. The result is a set of six rose designs that are now on sale at the Stitching Cards web site.

Art Nouveau style rose

4 thoughts on “A Glasgow rose motif leads to six Art Nouveau stitching card patterns

  1. Mary

    These are beautiful designs in fact they are one of my favourites. I am very much tempted to purchase them and create little masterpieces.

  2. Brigid Ward

    Well done David. You have excelled yourself yet again with these latest rose patterns. I’m always stitching your card designs but would like to know how to show on the gallery, please.
    Brigid Ward

  3. katie

    I love these! just had to have them…bit frustrated tthough as my hand is bad today and there is no way I can start stiching for a couple of days……:-( I have a repetitive stich injury!

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