Where to buy blank cards for embroidery

By | Friday 2 January 2009

card blankFollowing on from my Where to buy beads post I thought it would be useful to do the same thing for card blanks suitable for prick and stitch card making. In order to display the stitching at its best the card material used should not be too flimsy; it should be strong without being excessively thick.

You can either stitch onto a single sheet of card which is then mounted on a blank greetings card, or you can stitch on to a double-fold card that is a one piece solution to card stitching. Double fold cards have three panels and thus two fold lines. The stitching is worked on the middle panel. When the stitching is complete you fold the right-hand panel inside to cover the back of the stitching.

I get my card blanks from a UK company called Card Inspirations. They do mail order from their web site and they have a retail shop in Tewin, Hertfordshire.

Card Inspirations

You will find their 104mm x 152mm (4¼ x 6 inches) double fold cards at Blank Cards Double Fold Normal.

Card Inspirations have asked me to point out that they only deliver blank cards within the UK. They do not send card making materials overseas.

Do you have a favourite card craft store?

If you would like to tell us about your favourite supplier of card blanks for card stitching please do so in a comment to the post. If you know of stores in Australia, the USA and other non-UK countries who sell double-fold cards that would be particularly helpful.

7 thoughts on “Where to buy blank cards for embroidery

  1. Karen

    I buy most of my card and craft items from Craft Creations (www.craftcreations.co.uk). They have a wide range of different items and offer discounts on multiple buys. Their range of different card is amazing, and you can buy different colours/styles and still get the discount. They also have a brilliant quarterly magazine.

  2. Bazza

    I have been making my own double fold cards.
    I buy a 12″X12″ scrapbooking sheet, (Bazzill cardstock) cut it in half and fold at 4″ and 8″.
    Here in Australia, the sheets are about $1:00 each.
    Hope this helps.


  3. Wendy Martin

    I tend to stitch on single sheets of card rather than on tri card. I like to mat and layer mine which you cant do with using a tri card.

    I buy embossed white or cream card and cut it myself to suit what I am stitching. All the small pieces of card I keep and can often use them with small patterns on. Used up ever such a lot with christmas cards.

    As the old saying goes a good crafter never wastes anything.

  4. wilma boreham

    I buy my cards for embrodery from Regal Craft Cards
    Launceston Tasmania, they have email, fax and phone , very good service

  5. Char Thompson

    I also layer my cards. I love to put a creamy, rich piece on top of a colored card. I found that watercolor paper makes beautiful stitching paper. You can buy it at almost any craft store or artist supply store. The sheets are huge and you can cut to any size you want. You can cut the paper or tear very slowly and expose the fibre of the paper. Rich and beautiful.

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