Pinbroidery flower designs inspired by William Morris

By | Friday 3 April 2009

The new Pinbroidery online shop is open and the first six patterns are available for purchase.

wm-flowersThey are flower designs inspired by the work of William Morris. He was a nineteenth century English architect, furniture and textile designer, artist and writer associated with the English Arts and Crafts Movement.

They would make beautiful cards for birthdays, congratulations and other special occasions.

Pinbroidery is part of the Form-A-Lines Stitching Cards group and offers the same reliable and secure service.

These Pinbroidery patterns have more detail than a typical Form-A-lines pattern. I estimate that they will take about twice as long to stitch. I would be interested in any feedback on the time they take.

More patterns will be added in due course.

11 thoughts on “Pinbroidery flower designs inspired by William Morris

  1. Eileen

    downloaded these yesterday lovely paterns nearly got the strawberry thief finished ,they take a bit longer to stitch but the results are well worth the extra time

  2. Eileen

    well got the strawberry one finished it did take a lot longer to stitch about 8hrs, the tulips about 4hrs so not much more time on that one .The actual pricking out took me 30mins ,marigolds are next

  3. sue whistler

    have just pricked strawberry thief, took me around 20 mins, will stitch it this weekend hopefully will then post again.Sue

  4. Jasu

    I too have brought these designs, but not had time to stitch them. I am planning to prick the designs sometime this week and will let you know how I get on. 🙂

    David, the designs are really beautiful any more in the pipeline?

  5. DJ Post author

    There will be some more patterns in due course Jasu.
    Best wishes,

  6. Doris

    Looks like Strawberry Thief is the favorite so far. I stitched that one first as well. A few more strawberry leaves, and I’ll be finished.

  7. Jasu

    Thought I let you all know how long it took me to prick the new WM designs.
    Memblend 7 minutes, Tulip 8, Marigold 10, Snake’s head 11, Strawberry thief 15, and Creeper 18. Will let you know how long it takes to stitch them after the Easter w/e.

  8. Margaret

    I love these new patterns which look quite challenging! I have stitched the tulips and it proved to be the case, but the result is stunning. I estimate it took around 4 hours, I will take more notice of the time when I do the next one. It’s great to be able to download the patterns and I look forward to future designs.

  9. Jasu

    As promised here are the times, as to how long it took me to stitching each of WM flowers:

    Marigold took 1.20 hr, Snakes head took just over an hour, Membland and Tulip took 1/2 hr, Strawberry thief took 2.15 hrs, without any break and Creeper took the longest to stitch, 3.45 hrs again without any breaks.

    These designs are delightful to stitched and am looking forward to experimenting with different threads and colours.

    Happy stitching!

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