The Form-A-Lines classic stitching card patterns have moved

By | Monday 29 December 2008

When the Form-A-Lines prick and stitch patterns become out of print they are made available as downloads in PDF format. The classic patterns used to be available from the Stitching Cards web site but they have now moved to a new home in the Form-A-Lines online store.

Form-A-Lines catsThese beautiful Form-A-Lines patterns were originally designed to be sold in a kit with one colour of thread. Now you can purchase just the patterns and customise them in colours of your own choice.

A wide range of subjects are available including cats, flowers, vintage transport, musical instruments and zodiac signs.

There is also a children’s set for that was designed to use Kreinik Glow-In-The-Dark tapestry braid. This has more widely spaced holes and every hole is numbered so that children (11+) should be able to stitch them.

4 thoughts on “The Form-A-Lines classic stitching card patterns have moved

  1. DJ Post author

    Thank you for the suggestion Raylene, what is your favourite subject for stitching card patterns?

  2. raylene

    hi i was just wondering where i can get more stitching card patterns from is their anymore websites i have not got any more recent ones thakyou

    1. DJ Post author

      Hi Raylene, please see the links in the right-hand column under “My other sites” for more patterns.

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