Christmas Wreath – forum gallery stitching card of the week

By | Wednesday 4 August 2010

This week’s card is called Christmas Wreath and was made by Usannda. This glittering card was made using the Stitching Cards Bead Holly and Bow pattern.

Usannda said “This is one of my favourite Christmas card patterns to stitch. It always turns out so pretty. It is stitched on photo paper which is lovely and shiny”.

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Wreath – forum gallery stitching card of the week

  1. Stella Stitcher

    Oh, isn’t this pretty! Who do you send such cards to? I have not thought of stitching on a card, it would just break my heart if the person I sent it to threw it away.

    1. anna

      I send stitched cards to close friends and family. Once it leaves my hands it is in theirs to do with what they will but I do always hope they love it as much as I love making it. I also quilt and giving a quilt away is the same, you never know if it will be used, or not.
      I make the cards because I like to and giving them away is just a way to give me an excuse to make more. hehehe

  2. Stella Stitcher

    Oh, you have such a big heart!

    Do you find that the bugle beads get broken in the mail? Do you have to add extra postage for weight or bulk? I usually send 200 cards during the holidays. I wonder how long it would take me to make them…

    1. DJ Post author

      A useful tip, if you have beads on the card, is to fold it inside our to go in the post. That way the beads are protected by the card. If you do this it is worth putting a note in saying what you have done. You would be surprised how many people would think you have made the card inside out.

      As to the postage weight, it depends where in the world you are. In the UK the first step goes up to 100 grams which should cover a beaded card like the Christmas Wreath.


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