Tutorial – Fonts – how to use them to add words to your cards

The first step is to either install a Stitching Cards font on your computer or use a ‘Type-A-Greeting’ font that works with Adobe Reader.

Using an installed font

There is a free sample font in the free patterns section of the web site. After installing the stitching font open a word processor program such as Microsoft WordPad.

Select the Stitching Cards font in the font selection box.
Set the font size to a number somewhere between 30 and 50.

Type the greeting you would like to add to your card.

Print your greeting on paper.

Place your greetings card on a pricking mat. Position the printed greeting on it where you require the words.

Prick out the words and stitch them using the font illustration as a guide. Detailed letters could be worked in a version of backstitch. For example the letter G would be stitched as follows:

Out at 2 in at 1
Out at 3 in at 2
Out at 4 in at 3
Out at 5 in at 4
Out at 6 in at 5
Out at 7 in at 6
Out at 8 in at 7

Using a ‘Type-A-Greeting’ font

There is a free sample ‘Type-A-Greeting’ font in the free patterns section of the web site. Open the ‘Type-A-Greeting’ file with Adobe Reader and type your words. Print the words on paper and prick them out as described above in the installed font method.


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